Monday, November 8, 2010

10 things about you

alohaa.....kalo b0le xnk cite pon sal die ni..hehehe... anyways..he's the one for me..jom wat list..woo

rambut pendek kan hensem..:P
thank you syg! :P

  • sgt susah nk jmpe die...ok la fine..we are a long distance least..dpt spend time jgk dgn die...1 hour in car pon da ckup...:)
  • he is not romantic at
  • he loves doing anything yang xbape nk gomar nih
  • such a good good son..
  • he has a BABY face in a naughty way..hahha..
  • he has another wives,,i am his 3rd wife..surfing and snooker are his priorities than  me..T___T
  • he such a caring person..
  • tersangatlah give and take
  • not sensitive at all...very much contradiction..but i love that!. <3 
  • i love the way you love me..
kesimpulanya itu aja dong...aja aja

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wah..semoga berkenalan tu..hehe =)