Thursday, September 2, 2010

rove beetle a.k.a chali

*minatang ini manyak kecik mcm semut mcmbisa mcm ular...huh

i'd just recovered from diarrhoea and vomiting and INSECT"S x sembuh cause that F scar still ade..that freaking insect is rove beetle or dlm bhs mlayu we used to call it chali...act i baru knal emnatang ni..and last nite..i rse gatal2 kt mata i..dangg!!! it bites me again..maybe i tetido dpn laptop..again...ok..i sgt baru dlm mengenal menATANG ni..die sgt kecik but it release a kind of poisonous acids..dang u..pegi r kt org len..grrrrr...and die akn menggalkan parut..ok..da turun peratus org nk minang..but thanx GOD.. parut xnmpk..yippi!..T___T..
here..a lil bit infos bout that beetle ..sheett!:

There is a very small insect called "Rove Beetle" in Malaysia (length 2-10 mm) which is extremely poisonous. The poison of this insect is 12 times more poisonous than Cobra snake and it is called ‘pederin’ (chemical formula: C24 H43 O9 N). If you see one of these on your arm or body, do not hit it, rather blow it away and wash it with water and soap immediately (and your hands also). The insect does not bite normally but its body is poisonous.

If you hit this beetle, the poison will spread on your body and your hands get poisoned. After that wherever you touch (on your body) will be affected. The poison will remain in the injured sections, so if you touch the injuries later and touch other areas (in case your skin is sensitive) the other areas will be also effected.

In 2002, students in Penang (in dormitories) were caught in an epidemic of this, and this is very common in Engineering campus of USM.

yes, DO NOT continue to scratch on it. & if u come to know u have this please go to hospital, immediate ones would be washed with copious water & get somebody to use tissue to catch & quickly dump into the toilet bowl or smth. my case was I din know about it but i fell asleep in front of my lappy with the lights on that nite,,,ok..blame it myself...

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