Wednesday, September 1, 2010


thanx to encik penasihat sbb kte blog sy ni too personal..and it much better if u just tell me ur true name..:)..btw thanx ya..

anyway i create this blog seriously at first..i knew is followers,adds etc...n until now i do not care everything about it..since dr dlu lg..i just post what my thought...everything i want..seriously..hehe.. seriously i dont know how to make any tutorial, edu info, review2..ecetra just post what i want n i dont know who read this n always wondering what did u read xcept any infos...:)

done...wah..smgt sy tulis..dgn serious..sbb sy tgh kenyang..lmao!..i went to class just now n last nite eida did remind me this..

but seriously..i cant stop to text her's kinda lame.. a lil bit between me and eida:

M:weyh! d u still waiting for that F bus?
E: yes..siput baboon bas..
M: ok..waiting for u at the bus stop
E: ok..chop! but better msuk sme r,,hoh..
M: ok..wait

*see..i told ya..we r road blind..T__T

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