Tuesday, September 21, 2010

lets pixa do the talk

i've said earlier i want to upload more pics 4 my hari raya celebration..but..unfortunately..after i relook those pic damnn...sy sgt hodoh ..no..sy xhodoh sy kena bersyukur dgn kurniaan tuhan...GOD creates human as beauty as they are..but i mean here i look obviously fat with eyebag,pimples..etc etc... here just a lil chosen pics .. oh yea..fyi..i didnt touch at all my supposed-to be baju raya for hari raya pertama..i dont want to tell u y coz it hurts me..haha! ...
*sile buat muncung kalo xmo nmpk tembam..hahhahaha
(last minute baju raya)
*act..it's not my tudung raya..i've change it coz malas nk pakai
*i miss u! nk nyet nyet nyet!
*this is what happened in every malam raya
*damn nini! i want u!
*again..i mish u

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