Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yesterday i went to lantern festival at my uni...erm..it was a very cold night ok..sbb hujan lebatt..aaa...fyi..lantern festival as known as pesta tanglung is an traditional Chinese Festival which is celebrated in the first month 15th of Chinese Lunar calendar. Modern Lantern Festival has evolved into cultural exchange event which is full of cultural content and commercial value(thanx to abg google). and variety of performance include malay,indian,and indeed chinese...it was jut so so festival la for me...it's kinda amature one meh..hee...and kitorg balik almost 2 am ..no the program ended up at 10 am..but ok la...kitorg perggi merewang rewang....
*benda yg wajib ade
*made up by SYARIFAH ROSANIDA ok..:)

* i love this pic,,i've no idea why..horhor

*undefined incident

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