Wednesday, July 21, 2010

we just plan

i am 20 years old...since few months i'll be 21..better i mgaku sweet 2oth..hoho....i dont have any aim in my life..even know..feel like i just a naive girl who is still wanna enjoy her life alot and dont want any commitment with any hard journey..kinda of relationship, carrier, study , family ecetraaaaa~~~
i am university student..yet i am 2nd year though few tought me!
i have only 3 sems exclude this sem to compelete my degree if nothing barred it..

yes or not..i need to set up my life now...

  • study smart ..duh i hate study hard
  • get dean list and 1st class graduate in my english language major..(hell yeah..go to sleep lah u)
  • get a boifie(seriously boifie duh...haha! but GOD determines)
  • get focuss with one thing to another
  • get engage
  • get my 1st honda odyssey
  • work with superbrand multinational company( i wanna i wanna this!)
  • money money money
  • get married lah
  • get my 1st super comey baby...i want twin but i dont think i bare to carry two ppl in my perut..hahhahahahaha!
  • focuss on my work and my
*sociolinguistic system rules..make up ur mind and always say u can make it and u can have it no matter what..then u will get it! INSYAALLAH


hiro said...

kan best jika calon laki itu gua...emmmm.

sya rossa said...