Friday, July 9, 2010

macam bodoh je

hell yeah..mmg bodo gila...<----statement yg jerk giler kan

mlm esok nk balik da!! ouh..ok..gonna miss home ,friends ..opps..they already going back to their universitas...hohoho...but gonna miss my home..alipp..ya..everyday fight2 same alipp..and at the end he will cry and i always be the sometimes i mgalah la jgk... but aliff , i still love you...though i'm not ur nice nice nice aunty..tsk..tsk

ouh ya..berita sis lost her purse with all her credit cards,license,rm600++ kt klia...specificly in the toilet!...pity u...nak buat cane...just face the fate,..xde rezeki la kan..
*anybody who found it kindly tell me..(jgn harap la akn ade)

wow..tadi mkn crab imported from sabah .wow! gila a..besar nak mati those crabs,,and sweet..esok my mom will make a dish, ketam masak cili api..ouh..cant wait..seems 2morrow gonna be my last day at home..mlm nak balik u da ! hateit like hell..OMG!

sebut OMG ni tibe2 teringat plak my coursemate begado dgn scha al yahya..ala..pelakon tu la! psl acronym OMFG..usually people used to say it oh my f***
**** GOD..then scha tu said oh my freakinggoldish! wth?? kalo mmg she really mean to say oh my freaking gold fish pon it's not really acceptable kott...coz whole world use that acronym as F**** god... (no hard feeling!) *just my personal POV..

*p/s: senang2 sebut ya ALLAH je..xpon ya Tuhan..kan lebey elok..:)

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