Thursday, July 29, 2010

i wish i wish i wish

  • i wish i can be stalk people i want and travel around the world without any flight fees
  • i wish nobody can see my rough and infection skin now..but then u can see la ..o_0
  • i wish i can skip my only one 8 am class..
  • i wish i xde any assigment and any presentation.
  • i wish i can be such a skinny and fit's the fucking hard
  • i wish i can eat loads of food without gaining ma weight..T____T
  • i wish what i wish comes for real..:) GOD's willing..:)
  • i wish you love me because i am what i am n not because pretty or ugly
  • i wish i have everlasting relationship
  • i wish i don't have any pimplessssssssssss! but still..

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